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OUR MISSION is an autonomous network helping out crypto mass-adoption but also is helping YOU to easily earn free crypto every day! From the comfort of your house, desktop, or your mobile, just by surfing the net as you usually do and by clicking on a few websites, always for FREE and with NO initial investment, we have created a strategy to success! Our affiliates will let you earn hourly bitcoin btc logo Bitcoin (BTC), ethereum2 Ethereum (ETH), ltc 2 Litecoin (LTC), Cardano RGB Logo Cardano (ADA), tron Tron (TRX), usdc logo 003 USD Coin (USDC), tether logo Tether (USDT), ripple Ripple (XRP), dash dash logo Dash (DASH), buy chainlink Chainlink (LINK) and many more, always for FREE!


Get paid for surfing the web and even when you sleep! Let it run in the background 24/7! We suggest you to download, install and use as your go-to browser our proposed cryptobrowser, CryptoTab. That’s optional of course, but this browser run three times faster than Chrome, offering much better privacy by default than Firefox, while using less battery on mobile and more stability with desktops.

At the same time the browser will pay you to use it! Get paid for something you are doing every day! When you use CryptoTab browser, you earn free bitcoin btc logo Bitcoin (BTC) for just surfing the web! Earn Bitcoin without the need to watch any videos/ads or visit specific websites, just surf the web as you always do! Surf Facebook, Instagram, games online as you do every day and that’s it! A typical, engaged person who uses CryptoTab as their daily browser can expect to earn about €5 – €50 worth of Bitcoin / month (depends on CPU)




So surfing with our cryptobrowsers (or a browser of your choice), you can then visit crypto faucets to earn your daily crypto. A crypto faucet is a website that will give you Satoshis in exchange for completing simple tasks like click on a button,solve a captcha or vıew some ads, always something extremely easy and fast!

Satoshi called the smallest trading unit of a coin, worth 0.00000001 BTC in the case of Bitcoin. Crypto faucets exist for most crypto coins. From the most popular, Bitcoin, to the most fun and useful, Tron, you’re sure to find one to fit you! If you’re asking “Why should I sign up for a crypto faucet?”, the answer is easy. Who doesn’t like FREE MONEY?


Earn free crypto every day, without caring for crypto charts and dollar-cost averaging, since you are getting it for FREE! The sky is the limit and with  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices rising, what seems today as €20 or €50 worth of crypto monthly, tomorrow can worth €5000! Let’s say it’s well worth it!

Don’t forget to join all our listed websites through our Free Crypto page, so you can snatch free crypto bonuses from our partners’ websites and benefit from our very own Cryptofreak Network Cashback System all and always for FREE!

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Free and secure you can earn, collect, and store, your daily crypto with our network’s listed websites and wallets. When you accumulate enough, you can invest it and create your DAILY PASSIVE INCOME! will present you the best performing & paying crypto related money making programs! The Potential of some of the programs will blow your mind.